Sabaho everyone, and thanks for your interest in this madness!

First of all, here are some random reading recommendations in English and Arabic.

Secondly, my general strategy for working with you will be to focus, in turn, on: (1) setting, plot and narration; (2) character, voice and viewpoint; and (3) genre, structure and form.

Still, I’d very much like you to take part in deciding on the syllabus, or to what degree there should be a syllabus. That’s why my plan is to dedicate the first session or at least half of it to introductions: getting to know each other a little, then figuring out how to proceed. We will all present work and we will all take part in every discussion – that’s the only rule. Part of the point of the workshop is for you to build the confidence to share your work and have it critiqued – and of course respond honestly to work by other people too.

Now for some stimulation. 



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