The writing workshop with Youssef Rakha was amazing. I read a couple of interviews he’d given when I was considering signing up  and I discovered that, aside from the novels he has published, he cares deeply about literature itself and the current state of writing. It’s not easy to find such an instructor, a literary … Continue reading Monda Mahmoud

Monda Mahmoud

It was amusing to see someone speak of the Beat Generation experimentations, the linguistic features of Al-Jahiz, and the latest film by Von Trier in the same breath and with same ease and clarity. It was amusing and educational to the greatest extent. I had been really curious to find out what Youssef Rakha was … Continue reading Mina Nagi

Mina Nagi

Despite it being only four sessions, the creative writing workshop with Youssef Rakha was beneficial on various levels. We were encouraged to present our work to other people and had to adapt to putting ourselves out there to receive constructive criticism, and we were provided with advice and key tips to facilitate the writing process … Continue reading Lina Ihab

Lina Ihab

Youssef Rakha is a very unconventional tutor; instead of TELLING you how to do things and what to write, he lets you experiment yourself, through various prompts and activities. He lets you find out what you’re best off writing, and what you want to improve. “Show, don’t tell.” That’s what he said and practiced. The … Continue reading Radwa Ahmed

Radwa Ahmed